Brave Navy Veteran Saves Old Lady From Attacker, And His Life Is Changed After Ellen DeGeneres Hears About It

Ellen is known for being a very generous and giving person. She always has ordinary people on her show who did an extraordinary thing, and she thanks them for their kind deeds in amazing ways! Kendrick Taylor recently appeared on Ellen for an incredible thing he did...
When a 76-year-old woman was getting into her car at a Winn-Dixie parking lot in Florida, she was suddenly attacked by a man who was trying to steal her purse. It was broad daylight and everything was caught on the security camera.
The thief was pushing her around and shoving her into the car when a gold hearted Navy veteran watched the scene unfold before his eyes. He was heading to the gym that day and little did he know by going for a typical workout, he would end up saving someone's life!