Teen Gets Last Laugh By Raising Over $30,000 After Her Parents Cut Her Off For Dating A Black Guy

We are two weeks into the new year, 2017 has arrived and old sci-fi movies are now proving that as a civilization we are kind of behind where we thought we would be. Technologically, I agree with that. Sadly, we are also behind on the concept of humanity. We live in a time where racism is still a hot button issue. Though very different from the racist times of Americaโ€™s founding fathers, the actions and reactions of racists are still seen in everyday occurrences. Itโ€™s damn near ridiculous that we, as a civilization, have not been able to accept one another despite our skin colors being different.
Such is the case for young Allie Dowdle, whoโ€™s GoFundMe account has gotten an incredible amount of attention because she is standing up to racists. Unfortunately for Allie, those racists happen to be her parents. Allie lives in Memphis Tennessee, her parents own a sporting goods store business that has been in the area since 1909. Allie is only 18 years old but she is very intelligent. On her GoFundMe account she explains she has been attending a private school where since the 9th grade she has kept up a 4.0 GPA.