Teen Creates App That Helps Kids Find Friends To Eat Lunch With

As everybody who's ever gone to school knows, it can be a very intimidating experience. You eventually settle in (hopefully), but when you're a new kid in a new school it can be hard to adjust. Especially when it comes to lunch time, which can be a total minefield. Nobody wants to eat lunch alone, but it can also be hard to find out where exactly to sit. Walking around with a lunch tray seeking a place to safely eat is one of the most uncomfortable and vulnerable experiences you will have as a human being. All that might be changing thanks to this teen girl. She created a brilliant app called Sit With Us designed to help other kids avoid lonely meals in the school cafeteria. 2-jpeg She came up with the idea for this app after personally spending an entire school year eating by herself. The Sit With Us app allows other kids to take on the role of ambassador, which entails notifying other students that it's safe to sit with them.