The Story Of Dulce The Rescue Dog Will Make You Believe In Love Again

The adorable Dulce was rescued from Tijuana in December of 2014. The poor thing was paralyzed from her mid-back down and had to drag herself through the streets. The shelter then took to social media showing Dulce and urging people to foster.

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Ruth Ann did not hesitate to volunteer. Arrangements were made to transport her across the border and Ruth Ann drove to the San Diego / Tijuana border to scoop Dulce up.

Ruth Ann was heartbroken when she saw Dulce’s face for the first time. The poor thing was hungry and scared, but thankfully no longer alone. Ruth Ann then took her to her new foster home in Phoenix.

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The rescue that initially posted pics of Dulce made arrangements for her to go to the vet the next day. The vet was not encouraging and told Ruth Ann that “no dog should live like this.” He suggested euthanasia. Ruth Ann and the rescue though decided that putting Dulce to sleep was NOT an option.

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Over the course of the next few weeks, Ruth Ann launched a fundraiser to take Dulce to the neurologist. Dr. Greating of NeuroVet confirmed that Dulce’s tail wagged, and that's a good sign. She suggested an MRI, which costs a lot of money. They decided to do another fundraiser. It was then that Dulce seemed to be feeling unwell.

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Her breathing became labored and Ruth Ann suspected she was suffering from a urinary tract infection, so she scheduled a visit to her regular veterinarian (Dr. Fan at Goodyear Animal Hospital).