When A Shelter Dog Died Giving Birth, Her Doggy Friend Stepped In To Help The Puppies

When she was pulled from Fulton County Animal Services in Georgia, Lily Rose was in awful shape; she was suffering from heart worms and mange, and on top of that, she was pregnant! A video taken at the shelter alerted Rescue Dogs Rock NYC about Lily Rose, and after learning she was pregnant, they immediately came to her rescue. 980x38 So, soon after Lily was on her way to their vet partner in Maryland. Soon after arriving, Lily went into labor. Sadly things didn't work out the way they should’ve. The vets couldn't figure out the cause, but the puppies weren’t coming out on their own, so they had to perform a C-section. Despite the risk, it was the only way to get the puppies out. 980x39 They delivered eight healthy puppies, but tragically Lily Rose didn’t survive the surgery. It turns out that a large stillborn puppy was blocking the birth canal, which was preventing the puppies from coming out. 980x56 The medical team worked on her for a full ten minutes, desperately trying to revive her. But Lily was already in heaven, where all dogs go. She will be buried with her stillborn puppy. 980x68 Lily Rose might be gone, but her legacy shall continue: her eight puppies. The team made sure to do everything they could to keep them healthy.