Groundbreaking Robot Will Let Surgeons Operate Remotely

During keyhole surgery, surgeons usually rely on sight while they remotely control the delicate operation. A new robot promises to give them one crucial extra sense: touch. The invention, called the HeroSurg, revealed Wednesday at the Australasian Simulation Congress in Melbourne, Australia. The machine was created by a team at Australia's Deakin University, in addition to Harvard University. hch-servi-surge-resea-55827-surgery The robot appears a little terrifying but its inventors hope it will make operations safer and more accurate. Unlike most current keyhole surgery tools, the robot uses haptic feedback to deliver a sense of touch to the operator, in addition to 3D images so the surgeon knows where the instruments are placed. The project lead, Mohsen Moradi Dalvand, has worked with medical robotics and haptic systems for nearly a decade.