Pregnant Dog Gets A Maternity Shoot And Completely Slays

Even though dogs obviously aren't people, we can't help but treat them like it because they're so smart and wonderful. That's why we give them human food and dress them up in human clothing. 560d5cd91900003000fdeeca Now you're probably well aware of the maternity photo shoots trend. It was only a matter of time before somebody had the idea to add dogs to it, and we're so glad it happened.

This awesome mother-to-be is named Chanel.


Chanel is Kennedy Sorensen’s pregnant golden retriever, and is expecting to give birth to puppies any day now.


To document the four-legged soon-to-be mom’s pregnant journey, Sorensen put together a maternity photo shoot for her and puppy daddy LeeRoy.


The owner of LeeRoy, Amy Rients, took the photos and they turned out to be beyond adorable with both doggies posing next to a “9 Days Until Puppies” sign.


Sorensen posted the photos on Twitter and they’ve gone viral with over 37k likes and 22k retweets.