Want Your Puppy To Live Longer? Try These New Pawleo Dog Diets

Responsible pet owners are understandably obsessed with keeping their furry companions healthy. Why else would there be a whole branch of doctor that specializes in animals? However, keeping your pet healthy is more than just regular vet checkups. You also have to feed them properly. Thankfully it seems the health food trend sweeping America has finally reached pets. night-animal-dog-pet_web-crop-u98 Clean eating, organic, raw food, paleo, super foods, bone broths, craft brews: All buzzwords that have been hash-tagged to death. However, these new insta-worthy dishes are for dogs. Even the JERF (Just Eat Real Food) movement added a canine equivalent in BARF – Biologically Appropriate Raw Food. A black lab on a walk through a field of tall grass. His tongue is hanging out and trees are off in the distance. Companion animals have essentially become fur-children. As a result we've gone from "dog food" to fully fledged canine cuisine.