Mom Apologized For Accusing Daughter Of Being On Drugs With Legendary Cake

A wise man once said, "Parents just don't understand." Despite once being young, parents often just aren't on the same page. It's understandable. You don't want them to make the same mistakes you made, and young people can be really difficult to deal with. The parent is always supposed to be the law of the house, but sometimes they're wrong. Nobody is perfect. When it happens though, you need to handle it the right way. 14479599_1309283502417441_7765024860950295321_n Back inย 2012, trouble began after high school student Rachel Glemis willingly took a drug test at her Alabama school. While Glemis wasn't doing anyย drugs at the time (besides those she had been prescribed), the test concluded that she had heroin, meth, and cocaine in her system. Her mom understandably freaked out, before eventually realizing that the school made a huge mistake.