Scientists Have Developed A Pill That Could Soon Replace Exercise

One of the most common things you hear from trainers and nutritionists is that there are no shortcuts, no magic pills that are substitutes for exercising and eating better. However, thanks to the advancement of technology that might no longer be true. In science fiction films of course you don't see many fat people. woman-exercising There is a pill or gadget for all of your needs. Reality might finally be catching up. Imagine a pill that will replace actual exercise. As somebody that works out 5 days a week, I would love such a pill. WellĀ Scientists at Melbourneā€™s Deakin University just unveiled to theĀ international journal Cell Reports a drugĀ whose effects simulates exercise in the musclesĀ and improves metabolic health. 2cad3ea1e29073152a912ac171fc4025 While the drug can't replicate every aspect of exercise, it doesĀ target a specific aspect which contributes to burning fat that leads to cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.