This Homeless Heroin Addict Managed To Turn His Life Around And Become A Millionaire

Khalil Rafati, an American man living in Los Angeles' skid row, once weighed only 106 pounds and was rapidly declining in terms of health due both to being homeless and addicted to heroin. giphy-6 After moving to L.A. back in the 1990's to run a business selling cars, Rafati unfortunately began dealing drugs which eventually led to his heroin addiction. In 2001 he came close to death after intentionally overdosing at a Malibu house party. Two years later, he had a criminal record after serving time in the Los Angeles County Jail and was officially living on the streets. giphy-7 "I reached the bottoms of all bottoms," he said to the New York Times. "There was no more digging left to do, all of my shovels were broken. I was done." It is in our lowest moments, however, that we find out what we are truly made of -- for Rafati, that meant getting sober and moving towards improving his life.
 via Instagram

via Instagram

After successfully becoming sober, Rafati founded Riviera Recovery, a transitional recovery facility for drug addicts and alcoholics.


And that's when things REALLY started to turn around...