The Government Took Away This 14-Year-Old’s Baby Girl, Only To Be Reunited With Her 82 Years Later

Most 14-year-olds can't handle turning in their homework on time, let alone take care of a newborn infant. giphy-1 So when New York state officials came knocking on 14-year-old Lena Pierce's door back in 1933, it was for better and worse: the state claimed that Lena was too young to be a good mother and took away her daughter, Eva May. Traumatizing for both Lena and her daughter, but sometimes what's necessary isn't what's easy. giphy-2

"There was a lot of times I worried about her and wondered where she was," Lena recalled.

giphy-3 According to Little Things, Eva May was adopted by a family who changed her name to Betty Morrell. After her adoptive mother and father passed away when she was 21, she wound up spending a good chunk of her life alone. giphy-4

But then, things started to turn around for Betty/Eva...