Girl Pulls Epic Revenge On Men Who Catcalled Her By Calling Their Boss And Getting One Of Them Fired

22-year-old Courtney Greatrex is like any other young professional lady living in London, meaning that she gets up early in the morning, grinds through daily traffic, spends an immense amount of time dicking around at work (don't lie -- we all go on Reddit) and then repeats the whole process the next day.
 via Facebook

via Facebook
One day while Courtney was walking to the subway, however, she found herself being catcalled by three men in a white van. No, she doesn't get kidnapped and murdered -- you're thinking of the wrong kind of van. giphy

Shouting obscenities and laughing at her as she walked, the men followed her in the van as she walked along.


It's one thing to catcall a woman -- but to follow her around while doing so? THAT lays another level of "creep" onto the whole thing.


As it turns out, that day was NOT the day to be messing with Courtney...