Exotic Dancers Reveal Everything You Wanted To Know About Strip Clubs

I remember my first strip club, ah yes, so innocent, so curious, so… disappointed. I have always been super accepting of exotic dancers, do what you gotta do, I just wish I was half as coordinated as some of these girls. Put me in 6 inch anything and I am bound to fall on my a**. So respect where respect is due.
Kennedy Hodges LLP
However, from my first experience at a club, I just wish I had known more. I never had any stripper friends, I made some, but not in time to not be completely clueless my first time. I got a lap dance I didn’t want, my douchey ex-boyfriend picked the wrong girl for me and the hot one for him, I didn’t tip appropriately and we didn’t bring any bottles to this BYOB joint.
Strom Law Firm, LLC