Woman Accidentally Drops Engagement Ring In Homeless Man’s Cup And Returns Later To Get It Back

Homeless people still are perceived negatively by a lot of people, which is a large reason why homelessness is still such a problem in a country like America that has so much wealth. Many believe if you live on the street you somehow deserve it because you're a criminal, insane, and generally a bad person. That isn't the case though a lot of the time. These are people who largely just fell on hard times and need some kindness in order to get back on their feet.
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Enter Billy Ray Harris, a 55-year-old homeless man who lived under a bridge in Kansas City back in 2013. He was obviously down on his luck, but on one fateful day, his life changed forever. A kindhearted woman named Sarah Darling passed Billy Ray and dropped some change in his cup — but she accidentally left her $4,000 diamond engagement ring with it! Billy Ray didn’t realize the expensive ring had fallen into his cup until an hour after she had left.
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