If You Missed The Eclipse, Here Are Celebrities Mooning Their Fans Instead.

The Internet damn near exploded yesterday with Tweets, Instagrams, Snaps, and Periscope (whatever that is) of the solar eclipse. Even POTUS participated, incorrectly but he took part, and just like that in the course of an hour everyone got back to being blinded by our everyday devices.
Antena 1
Some people thought it a real phenomenon, others made fun of those same people. The truth is, if you weren’t in the complete black out zone, it wasn’t really that big of a deal. (Send your hateful tweets to me later.)
101.9 KING
So if you missed it, or thought it irrelevant, VH1 was kind enough to put this list together of what we just can’t seem to get enough of- the butt’s of the rich and famous. Enjoy this celebrity mooning, and rest easy knowing you don’t have to wait 100 years for the next batch.