No Human (Or Cat) Will Look At You Like This Dog Looks At Its Owner

Dogs are by far my favorite animal. They are wonderful and perfect, and I love them so much. If you keep reading through this site, you'll see prove of that. I realize I'm not saying anything controversial here. A lot of people across the world love dogs. However, dog lovers know that you don't skip an opportunity to sing their praises. 636099734725460858-puppies One of the great things about them is how they can surprise you. I see a new story about dogs doing adorable stuff every day and I'm always surprised. This latest story is no different. A dog managed to make the seemingly mundane event of watching its owner put on makeup into a viral sensation.

This is Erica Crist, a 22-year-old hailing from Philly.


She works as aĀ makeup artist and receptionist, but more importantly owns this dog named Jax.