Diabetic Boy Saves Pennies For Years To Purchase Service Dog

As if dogs weren't already fantastic enough, turns out certain breeds can also be trained to maintain healthy levels of glucose in us humans. 1 We all know dogs have a fantastic sense of smell. It's what makes them amazing hunting companions, besides being totally loyal. Well, according to Dogs4Diabetics dogs can use that talent to smell a hypoglycemic episode for when blood sugar is too low, during which the human body gives off a one of a kind scent. They can also detect the fruit notes of a keotone we release during a HYPERglycemic episode when blood sugar is too high. The breeds for these intelligent pups include Golden/Labrador Retrievers, Mix Sporting dogs, and behold, Poodles. 2 7g Well, it was a chocolate Labrador that captured 8 year old Aiden Heath's heart and made his dreams come true. Named by Aiden, "Angel" is his latest companion, after saving loose change for four years. 3