This Cab Driver Saved A Woman From A Gang Of Drunk Men And Now The Internet Is Going Wild For Him

Humans of Bombay is the same thing as Humans of New York, except in Bombay. We probably didn't have to explain that for you, but who knows? Maybe you've never heard of Humans of New York, in which case I would normally explain it for you, but we've already wasted enough time. We're here to talk about a hero cab driver, not your lack of pop culture knowledge. giphy-2

According to the Humans of Bombay page, the unnamed driver saved a woman from a group of drunk men one night. Here's the story in his own words:

giphy-4 "I've been driving this cab since 35 years now. I'm old, but I still have to support myself. Over the years there have been so many experiences -- I've seen the best and worst of this city. Sometimes, people like you will talk to me, at least make me feel human and then there are others who come and scream at me because they're in a hurry and there's too much traffic." giphy-5 "A few years ago, at around 12:30 am one night, I noticed a young girl, not over 25 walking from the bus stop, possibly towards her home. It was one of those dingy lanes where there aren't a lot of people. I noticed her, because she looked very anxious and when I looked behind her I saw these 2-3 drunk fellows whistling, and calling her names. They then began to actively chase her and I was still across the street... giphy-6

So as a reflex I decided to start honking continuously...