Bridal Party Wins The Internet By Holding Rescue Puppies Instead Of Bouquets

Let's be honest, weddings are pretty ridiculous. Maybe I'm just being cynical, but after Brangelina called it quits, I'm pretty much done with this archaic institution. If you still insist on having a wedding though, we've got a hot tip for you to save some money. So much of the wedding costs a fortune, things that don't seem that important. Like the flowers. They're a staple of the wedding, but they are really expensive and die after a few days. Why not replace them with rescue puppies instead? You'll spend about the same, put you get to have a freakin puppy! shutterstock_19820554-slide1 That's over a decade of immeasurable fun. It may seem random, but that's exactly what this forward thinking couple decided to do. Unsurprisingly, the bride who electedย to bump tradition in favor of puppies is an animal rescuer. She decided her bridesmaids and the groomsmen would look much better with puppies instead of flowers - and she was right!