Brave Hero Jumped On a Grenade To Save His Fellow Marines, Are You Proud Of This Young Man?

It's always incredible to hear a story about a soldier who was willing to risk his life for other soldiers. Those who go off to the war are already heroes in making that decision. However, some of these men and women touch the hearts of many when they do selfless things that could cost them their lives...
If you haven't heard the story of Kyle Carpenter, you are truly missing out on something special and touching. This is a sad story, but the ending is good and will bring you to tears. This American soldier is a marine and at the young age of 21, he earned the rank of Lance Corporal.
Kyle was sent off to fight in Afghanistan in 2010. It was during a firefight that Kyle made a heroic decision that would forever change his life...and the lives of those around him. Here's what this amazing soldier did.