Blind Man Attached A GoPro To His Service Dog To Show How They Are Abused Daily By Other Commuters

It’s hard to believe that anyone could ever discriminate a person for the disability of being blind. Sadly, this happens a lot around the world and it seems the people in London don’t deem being blind, a disability. Amid Patel, 37, used to be an A&E doctor before completely losing his sight three years ago. His dog Kika, has been his trusted companion and his own pair of eyes, every day since the tragic incident that changed his life forever.
Daily Mail
Amid suffered from a condition called kertaoconus, which changes the shape of one’s cornea and highly affects vision. After having a total of six transplants, Amid sadly lost his sight. After nine months of surgeries in the U.K. and America he gave up and accepted his blindness by getting a trusted service dog whom him and his wife named Kika.
“I woke up every morning thinking I'd get my sight back. For about six months I was quite shut off, depressed and I would go to the bathroom and have a cry. The one thing that stayed in my mind was that I would never see my loved ones. It was holding on to the last memories I had.”