A Holiday Miracle, Customer Leaves $3,000 Tip On $40 Bill

Christmas for workers in a restaurant in Washington will be much more pleasant now, after a regular customers left a big fat juicy tip, a gesture that actually made them cry.
According to ABC News, a regular customer at the Brief Encounter Café, a diner in Bellevue, Washington, left a $3000 tip over the weekend — on a $39.60 check.
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So that no one would think it was some-kind of mistake, this man wrote on the back of his bill just what motivated him to be so darn generous.
“You guys do a great job! When I was 7 years old, I washed the dishes and my mother cooked in a restaurant like this. We were very poor and we did not have money for Christmas. Fortunately, this will help everyone have a better Christmas, ” he said.
"At first, they didn't know who it was," diner owner Melanie Bard said of her mystified employees.
The man behind the generous tip, Aegis Living CEO Dwayne Clark, has been a customer at the Brief Encounter Café for the past eight years. Owner Melanie Bard told news reporters that Clark and his wife regularly eat there on the weekends.
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"He's a great customer when he comes in," Bard said, adding that he has been coming in for the past eight years.
Clark said he wanted to “do something in appreciation of my mother, who's not with us anymore, and because of the Christmas season.” He adds that as a kid, he "saw how hard my mom worked for people who weren't always appreciative."
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Clark left the tip with Julie Welsand, his waitress at the diner Saturday, a spokeswoman for his company said. The staff will split the tip evenly, $250 each, as Clark requested, which Bard said helps them out the gift-giving season.
Clark in addition left his personal cell phone number just in case his credit card company questioned the validity of this tip or transaction.